Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Works for me Wednesday: Planner Peace.

I ditched my Erin Condren Life Planner in soon as I bought my
 Day Designer for Blue Sky at Target on July 6th.
The above ECLP is one of the covers I had for my planner.
I thought I loved it until it arrived last year.
I made myself use it because I had invested so much money...but I hated it.
Every. Day. Of. It.
There wasn't enough space for my day.
I hated the Morning, Day & Night headers.
I hated the useless wording at the bottom of the weekly spread pages.
I hated the polka dots.
Which left me covering everything in washi tape and modifying the sections to
make it somewhat usable for my life.
I suffered...for a year with it.
Then I found my planner peace....

I paid $19.99+ tax for mine at Target, even though the embedded link in the picture advertises $24.99+ tax.
Our store got them early...on July 6th, 6 days before the official launch! Woohoo!
I was so excited...nerdy...I know, but a planner is a necessity for me. Since grade school, I have had some form of planner each year.
 But since becoming a Mom 23 years ago,
it has become my 3rd child. lol!
Seriously, between the kids appt's, school, and after school activities, to my appt's, meetings, and home life, to my husbands crazy work schedule,
weekend hobbies and life in general,
the ECLP failed miserably at having enough space for it all.

The Day Designer is a miracle, in planner form. :)
I have more than enough space for all our lives.
With beautiful quotes to inspire me each day.
I can't believe I hadn't heard about it before now. -_-
If I would have known that The Day Designer by Whitney English EXISTED before the collab with Blue Sky, I would have been in heaven way before now!

Have you guys tried these?
Are you planner addicts like me?

Disclosure: Blue sky hasn't paid me in any way for this post.
Nor have they supplied any of the items I have reviewed in this post.


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