Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Warehouse Clubs.

Warehouse Clubs.
Sam's Club in our case.
But there are Costco and BJ's too.

We choose Sams because there are 2 in town.
I wish Costco would open a store here but until they do Sams it is!

We have the Plus membership. $100 per year.
That seems like a lot, but we got back $55 in Cash Rewards last year. If you add that to the base $45 membership, it cost us nothing over that base price. 
But we got lots of perks for upgrading.
Read about the difference in memberships HERE. 
Personally, my favorite is the early shopping hours.
There is literally a handful of people there when we go.

We normally buy:

K cups

( Smithfield 3 pk $7.18!)

Eggo waffles 
( the cheapest anywhere $9.98 for 60ct)

Homemaker Orange juice
( 2 half gals = $4.28 Cant beat it!)

Huggie's Diapers

Diaper Wipes
( 1000 for $17.28!)

Trash Bags
( 180 ct for $12.00!)

and much more! 

The savings alone for the stuff I can remember right off the top of my head, 
make our membership sooooo worth the cost!

Do you guys shop at warehouse clubs?
Which one?
Favorite products?


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