Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The days that were: 2/25-3/9/2015

Our daughter had surgery on the 26th.
I won't go into details to respect her privacy.
But the things we parents go through with
our children is incredible.
I have a new found appreciation for what
my parents went through with me, for that,
I apologize to you both for everything. lol!

The next week and a half were a blur.
Between helping her recover and still maintaining
the household. I couldn't tell you where I was
half of that time and not because I was the
one on painkillers eating comfort food.
Oh no.
I was the one making the comfort food and 
catering to her 24/7.
I'm not complaining.
But somehow I don't feel like it was 
appreciated like it should have been.
More like she "expected" it.
Instead of being thankful that I did anything at all.

You know...kind of like she did when I had my accident 
a few years ago that messed up my knee and "should have" 
put me off my feet for nearly 8 weeks.
That, of course, didn't happen.
I was up on crutches doing everything I always did.
While she acted like nothing was wrong with me.

It's hard to have sympathy for her situation for that very reason.
She could care less unless it involves her, her boyfriend, her phone, or school. 
You know...that typical self centered teenage girl. 

I keep reminding myself that she will grow out of it.
But some days, I am not so sure.

That was a few tidbits from our week that was...

From our family to yours, 
have a beautiful and blessed day friends!

(photo credits:  various sites via Google Image Search)


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