Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge: It's a doozy this week!

1. When did you last have to interact, either by phone or in person, with someone in a government run agency? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the experience? 
(10 being fabulous and 1 being pass the Tylenol)

Wow, its been awhile. 
Honestly, I think it was the catastrophy of a DMV that Florida has.
I posted about it HERE...back in 2011!
It was a negative 1, and I needed something stronger than a Tylenol.
Holy Crap!

2. The current governor of Wisconsin is considering a run for President next time around. Walker attended Marquette University, but never graduated. In terms of any candidate running for the office of President (not asking here if you agree or disagree with Scott Walker's politics) would the lack of a college degree influence your vote or no? Would that be a factor in your support of any candidate running for public office, even a role less weighty than President?

No, it would not.
Quite frankly, it may be what the government needs.
One of our "every day Joe's" that actually 
HAVE some common sense about themselves.

3. When did you last visit a place or site named for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and what was that place or site?

That was awhile ago as well.
We were in Washington D.C. for 2 weeks 
with my husband for business 
shortly before we moved here in 2011.

4. February 16th was President's Day in the US, but did you know it was also National Almond Day? I didn't think so : ) Do you like almonds? If so, what's a food/dish/recipe you enjoy that contains almonds? 

No, I did not know that!
I love almonds!
Almond Butter on toast with raw honey drizzled on top.
Cranberry Almond Steel cut oatmeal.
Almond Granola 
Asian Stir Fry topped with sliver almonds
I could go on and on...
but they are delicious all on there own as well!

5.The television program Saturday Night Live celebrated it's 40th anniversary this past weekend. Were/are you a fan of the show? If so what has been your favorite (or one of your favorite) skits, sayings, or characters that came out of the program?

Never have been a fan.
I have always been a early riser, so I 
never really was awake when it came on.

6. Anything purple within ten feet of you? What is it?

Nope, but I'm surprised.
Purple is one of my favorite colors!

7. Back in December I asked you to submit a question for a future HP as part of a giveaway I was hosting. I grabbed this one from those entries, submitted by Zoanna who blogs over at Penchant for Pens. Thanks Zoanna!

She asks, "How often do you make your bed, and how do you like to make it-pull the covers all the way up over the pillows, tuck the covers in around the pillows, or place all the pillows on top of the covers?"

That's easy.
The covers are folded a quarter of the way down with the
pillows neatly arranged on the sheets.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

My sympathies to my readers in the northern states that are getting pounded by these winter storms.

We had beautiful weather yesterday.
Its been a beautiful and sunny morning here this morning so far. But we are forecast some rain for this evening. Instead of complaining, I shall thank the Good Lord above again that we live in Florida and that its rain and not snow.

Anyone driving in that mess, be safe!


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