Friday, February 13, 2015

Walmart Shopping trip! Last Pantry stock up for awhile!

If you haven't noticed we are stocking up
the pantry for the month.
Don't be alarmed at all the Diet Dr. Pepper 12 packs lately.
They are still on sale for $3.00 each, so if I am in the store
I grab a few each time for our son.
The ramen, rice, pudding and noodles are also for him.
He is on day 7 of his recovery from oral surgery and right now anything soft that he can eat is what he is eating, no matter how unhealthy it is. :(
He isn't happy about it, since he & I are the "healthy" eaters in our family, 
this is quite a shock to both of our systems.

Anyway, I bought:

2 loaves White Wheat bread
( Aldi was all out yesterday )
2 Wild Oat Organic Unsweetened applesauce
5 cans Wild Oat Organic green beans
1 can Wild Oat Organic sweet corn
1 can Wild Oat Organic sweet peas
1 Organic Sugar
1 half gallon So Delicious coconut milk
2 bunches organic green onions
2 Sugar Free French Vanilla pudding mixes
1 24 oz. container Italian bread crumbs
1 creamy chicken rice
1 creamy chicken noodles
1 12 ct pack Ramen noodles
1 24 ct Frigo Light cheesesticks
4 x 12 packs Diet Dr. Pepper

Total OOP with tax: $51.94

Total OOP for the month: $353.13


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