Thursday, February 12, 2015

The day that was: 2/11/15

Yep, you see that correctly.

Our bank contacted us yesterday to let us know there had been some attempts at transactions over the limit of one of our credit cards and that they were "out of the ordinary" for our account.
Apparently someone wanted a $1900 vacation and 
a $400 Amazon order on our dime! Grrrr!
The funny thing is, I had just placed an Amazon order on Feb. 6th. 
The fraud attempt was Feb 9th & 10th.
I think not.
I contacted Amazon and got the generic response about "There is no way my information was compromised from their site." 
Umm...I disagree? 
I'm sure they could make that claim
 IF that card wasn't used EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon 
with a low credit limit in case this ever did happen.
( Momma didn't raise no fool! lol!)
Before anyone says it...there is no key logger or malware on my computer. That's the first thing I checked after I got over the inital shock of it all.

I'm so thankful the bank declined the charges and contacted us immediately.
It just infuriates me though!
We have had that account for almost 15 years!
Now we get a new account, new card...ugggh!
It was our longest open account on our credit report. makes you think, how safe are we using our credit cards
 shopping online?
Or in a store for that matter.

Imagine that with a 6'3" teenager in the babies place.
 It was bed linen laundry day for our son's room.
Fun, Fun!

Don't you wish we had that kind of time?
Vacuuming is my least favorite chore, so our son and I exchanged chores today.
 I washed his bed linens and he vacuumed. 
Works for me!

That was a few tidbits from our day that was...

From our family to yours, 
have a beautiful and blessed day friends!

(photo credits:  various sites via Google Image Search)


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