Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge: We will never forget!

1. On Thursday we pause to remember a dark day in history-9/11.
Will you mark it in some special way?

No, nothing other than being completely somber and say a prayer for all those lost.

2. Do you ever/still...listen to an actual radio? Watch a videotape (VCR)? Look up a number in a telephone book? Refer to an actual paper map while traveling? Set an alarm on an alarm clock as opposed to your phone?

We have a Bose wave cd player/radio/alarm clock that I love! I have always loved radio. Even if I just listen to iHeartRadio while working in the office...there is a radio on in my house daily.!
No VCR tapes though, nor phone books. I would never leave the house without a GPS until I have been to where I am going at least a dozen! I use my Bose Alarm clock every night.

 3. Is it ever a good idea to discuss religion and politics with people you don't know?

Not unless you are up for an argument or hurt feelings.
There are some things that are better left to friends conversations.

 4. What's a dish you haven't eaten all summer, but come September find yourself craving?
Have you made it yet this month?

Chili.  I love chili but when its hot, I don't even think about it at all.
Although I just made Minestrone soup in 90 degree weather because I was craving it so!

 5. What's something you know nothing about?

I know nothing about a lot of things.
But I know a little bit about everything.
I am one of those people that has had so many life experiences that I
have basic knowledge on most things that
anyone could be going!

 6. September is Classical Music Month? Do you like classical music? If so, what's your favorite piece?

I do enjoy Classical music...but don't ask me to name a song.
I cant do it.

 7. What's the oldest thing you own?

Probably my engagement ring. That's 23 1/2 years old. 
Not much else is still around after that longs besides my old photo albums.
Some of those are as old as me.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

(photo credit: Stock Podium)


Joyce said...

My husband got me a new wedding band this year, for our 30th. It's platinum and my original was gold so he also had my engagement ring reset. I know it's ridiculous, but I resisted. The new rings are gorgeous, but I'm really sentimental about the originals. Now that I've been wearing the new for a couple of months I can't believe I resisted : )

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