Monday, September 22, 2014

Aldi Haul: 9/18/2014

 I totally don't know what is going on with Blogger.
This post didn't post on Friday either!
Not sure what is up, but its getting annoying...
I bought:
 24 pack bottled water
3, 8" garden mums
4 white wheat bread
1 premium bacon
2 mini chocolate bars
1 string cheese
1 organic milk
1 almond milk
2 packages cookie dough
3 cups yogurt
1 dozen eggs
1 sweet peas
1 cut green beans
2 whole corn
2 rotel
1 black beans
2 taco seasoning
4 natural PB
medium salsa
club crackers
Ritz cracker
2lbs red grapes
2 cucumbers
2 3lbs navel oranges
home style chicken filets
baby carrots
2 bags potato chips
total OOP = $71.46
Total OOP for the month=$399.36


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