Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Summer Friends! Update + an Aldi haul!

Summer is in full force here in Florida!
With both the kids out of school for the summer, we have went back to bulk shopping at
Sam's Club once per month and shopping at Aldi weekly for produce, bread and dairy.
At the beginning of the month, we make one huge Sam's Club trip to buy everything cheaper there in bulk. Including our meats, poultry,
bottled water, soda, coffee and a few household items.

Surprisingly, we have maintained our grocery budget of $600 per month!
I was aiming for $500 per month, but since April it has been consistently
$600 +/- a few cents. 
So we decided to just leave it at $600 for now.
If I am under that amount, all the better!

Most of our grocery money is spent at Sam's Club now.
We try to stay at $400, no more, and usually less.
That leaves $50.00 per week for Aldi.
Give or take, for example, our Sam's trip for July was $367.67. So the leftover money from that $400 allocated rolls over into the weekly Aldi budget.

We have noticed the gas budget for my car has dropped to less than half of what it was when I was making all those trips to various stores multiple times per week/month.
Which is awesome! Our Camry gets great as mileage anyway, but I would much rather hang out in the pool than sit in traffic in 90 degree!

That being said, I did my Aldi haul today for the week:

I bought:
2 Home style Chicken Filets
1 Hash brown patties
2  Whole Grain White Bread
1 12 Grain bread
1 Seedless watermelon
1 almond milk
1 Organic 2% milk
2 Tortilla chips
1 baby carrots
1 2lb whole carrots
1 celery
1 bottle mustard
1 Organic salsa
1 scalloped potatoes
2 Fit & Active string cheese
1 mini chocolate bars
1 natural PB
2 cucumbers
2 potato chips
1 Organic Spring mix
1 2pk green peppers
2 cartons strawberries

Total OOP: $59.36

Total OOP for the month: $518.89

$81.11 left for the month!
Which before would have left me worried that I would go over budget, but not now.
I know it is plenty of money left for the month. Because we only have to buy the basics at Aldi each week! Fingers crossed it keeps working as well as it has been!


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