Friday, July 18, 2014

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun!

Feeling Beachie
The statements:
  1. If I eat too many_____, I_______
  2.  Running a____is______
  3. Why is it that_________?
  4. Where do you_____?
My Answers:
  1. If I eat too many grapes, I will have a stomach ache later.
  2. Running a household is very time consuming.
  3. Why is it that time passes so fast when your happy, but so slow when your sad?
  4. Where do you find the time for "you" each day?


McGuffy Ann Morris said...

These are great answers. I especially like #3 and #4. Thought provoking and important. Have a great weekend.

retired not tired said...

A nice bubble bath with a cup of tea and a book is the perfect way to relax.

Patricia said...

Time is a fickle thing for sure. But the older I get it seems time just flies no matter what's happening.

Elizabeth said...

My "you" time is at night with a book or my computer memes. :)

Enjoy your weekend.

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Hilary said...

#3 is a very good question…

CLR said...

There seems to be a theme with stomachaches and grapes/berries! Ha ha.

I actually do have a lot of time to myself these days. Both 'kiddos' are older and working and busy. Hubs works and golfs. I feel blessed to have so much quiet time.

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