Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shopping Trip: Winn Dixie

This trip was all about the meat!

I bought:

2.38lbs cube steak
1.27lbs sirloin steak
1.13lbs sirloin steak
2.15lbs ground beef
1lb deli turkey breast
1 gal WD sweet tea for MIL

Total OOP: $42.29
Total saved: $11.68

Total OOP for the month: $169.55
Total savings for the month: $69.90

We will get 3 meals from the cube steak, 2 meals from the sirloin steak,
and 4 meals from the ground beef. 9 meals total.
The turkey breast is for DS's lunches.
We also have a lot of boneless chicken breast left from the last WD sale,
so we should be set for meats for while!


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