Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Aldi shopping trip for May!

I needed produce for my juices, as
well as for salads and snacks.
So I got a lot of produce this week!

Our DS said that the milk we bought last time from there
tasted weird. I smelled it and it smelled disgusting.
So we dumped it down the drain! :(
Their milk and egg prices keep rising, so this week
I bought the Simply Nature Organic 2% milk for him to try. 
It might be more expensive, but we are still saving money,
by not dumping it down the drain because its gross.

The funny thing is, Aldi's "normal" milk is essentially organic, although
not labeled as such. Right on the front of the jug it says
"No Hormones, No added Antibiotics"...etc.
But he says the taste is definitely different than the normal
 Organic Milk we get at other stores.
So from now on, Simply Nature Organic milk
or nothing when it comes to milk from Aldi.


I bought:

1 case water
2 Infuse (G2) beverage
4 White Wheat Bread
1 Reeva Dish Soap
2 Premium sliced bacon
1 Home-style Chicken Filets
2 Steam bags broccoli florets
2 Fit & Active cheese sticks
2 half gallons Simply Nature Organic Milk
1 half gallon Premium NFC Orange Juice
1 Millville Honey Bunches Of Oats cereal
1 black pepper
1 bag of sugar
2 Natural PB
1 Fruit & Nut Trail Mix
2 cans sweet corn
2 cans sweet peas
2 cans French style green beans
2 bags potato chips
3lbs Oranges
3lbs Organic Gala Apples
1 2pack green peppers
1 bunch celery
1 8pack Roma tomato's
3 large cucumbers
3lbs Vidalia onions
1 Organic Spring Mix
1 Organic Spinach

Total OOP with Tax: $73.73

Total OOP for the month: $73.73


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