Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winn Dixie & Dollar Tree Trips: More shopping already?

Yep, that would be the case. lol!

I ran to Winn Dixie to snag the best deals from the ad that started Wednesday,
as well as pick up a couple things that we
were out of that I didn't know about.

I bought:
8 Stouffers entrees
10 Reese Eggs
1lb Deli Turkey Breast
2 Lays Chips
1 Smucker's Natural Strawberry Spread
1 Gwaltney Bacon
1 Brawny 6 Big Roll Towels
1 Case of water

- $5/$40 WD coupon
-4 x $1.50/2 Stouffers 3/30 SS
-3 x $1.00/3 any Reese's
-$1.00/1 Smuckers hangtag
+ $.49 tax
=$33.58 OOP

Total Saved:$39.83
( $15.00 was coupons)

The Stouffers and Reese's eggs were the only thing that we didn't need.
The Stouffers and a few of the Reese's went straight to my MIL's.
She loves both of those items and since we don't
eat Stouffers meals, I purchased them with her likes in mind.
The rest of the Reese's eggs went to my sons "fast sugar" stash,
 although they are not the fastest sugar,
they will do the trick when he is low.

Next I Stopped at:

I bought my MIL 9 various snacks and a couple new Word find Books.

Total OOP with tax: $11.42

I did make another stop at the local produce stand as well.

Total OOP there was $10.68

But it was so worth it,
I purchased 1/2 flat of Plant City strawberries and first of the season
peaches. OMGoodness, I am in heaven!

These 3 trips brings my total for the week to: $116.99
Total saved: $110.67
Total Coupons redeemed: $25.00
I went over my budget of $100.00 by $16.99, so close! 

But that's okay, because I know that the MIL's Stouffer's entrees & Dollar Tree items
 are what pushed my total over, by $16.99 and then some.


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