Friday, April 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Life is beautiful!

This week has been hard to find my "blessings in disguise",
because some "drama causers", aka my parents "other children"
 that I left in VA have been trying to stir the pot again.
I try my best not to let their crap get into my life, but somehow they
find a way to weasel a little drama in from 1000 miles away.

I am thankful,
That I didn't feed into any of their BS.
I don't have the time or the place in my life for
that kind of behavior anymore.

I am thankful,
That I have grown more mentally, spiritually, and emotionally
than all of them....combined.

I am thankful,
That in this day and age,
cell phones can block numbers and Facebook can block "friends".

I am thankful,
That I am not the person they all want me to be.
I will never be like them.

I am thankful,
That God blessed me with the tolerance level that
he has, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able
to bite my tongue these last few days.

I am thankful,
That I have such an amazing hubby and 2 children that pick me up,
when their crap is weighing me down.

Life is beautiful, as long as you block out the darkness!

Be blessed my friends!


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