Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Monthly Menu Planning, Its not working anymore...

This month we are yet again carrying over quite a few dinner meals from last month
thanks to lots of leftover nights.

 I posted about how I menu plan for the month HERE.
We are carrying over way too many meals, and quite frankly, the family is
balking at it terribly. So for the month of April I am going back to weekly menu's.

Here are our all the carried over dinner meals from March:

Spaghetti, salad, garlic toast ( x 2 meals)
BBQ chicken breast, mac & cheese, green beans
Chinese Pepper Steak Stir Fry, rice
General Tso's chicken, rice
Tacos, refried beans, fresh veggies ( x 2 meals)
Steaks, fries, green beans
Linguine with meat sauce, salad
Chicken Tostadas, fresh veggies ( x 2 meals)
Penne Pasta with Chicken and veggies, salad, crusty bread ( x 2 meals)
Burgers,  homemade fries, salad
Vegan Vegetable & Bean Enchiladas, organic rice, salad ( x 2 meals)
Vegan Black Bean Soup, crusty bread
Vegan Pasta with Beans ( & cheese for the family), green beans
Vegan White Bean Stew, salad, crusty bread
Homemade Vegan minestrone Soup , crusty bread

Crazy right?
That's 20 meals!
So I am not going to just let them sit
in the pantry/freezer and not get eaten.
Like it or not, those meals will be incorporated into the menu
plans each week.
I can rotate in the 5 Vegan meals throughout the month, but since it is warmer
weather here now, I am in no hurry!

Hopefully the family will like it better.
But me?
Prolly not, it means more shopping and planning.

I will make our weekly menu in a separate post, wish me luck!


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