Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Quiz About Me: Beautiful Blue Sky's!

Acting Balanced

Here are the Questions:

It's an interesting week on the Holiday Insights calendar that we check out for fun days, so in homage, we are making this week all about special days and weeks...

1. Today is look up at the sky day - what does your piece of the sky look like today?

A~ Beautiful blue sky's with a few white fluffy clouds passing by.

  2. It's also "organize your files week" - will you be participating?

A~ No, I always organize when I put my files away. Whether it be filing in the filing cabinet, or saving on the computer. I do it right the first time. :)

 3. It's almost Easter - what are your Easter traditions?

A~ Now that the kids are older, it is just another Sunday in our household.

4. What is a favorite recipe that you've dusted off for the holidays or just because it's spring?

A~ Vegan Greek Pasta Salad. So good!


retired not tired said...

Our sky is cloudy and full of rain - tomorrow it will be snow again.

Romi C said...

The past salad looks delicious!

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