Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Quiz About Me!

Acting Balanced

1. Today is International Astronomy Day - do you star gaze?  Have a favorite constellation?

A~ I do, somewhat. I don't really have a favorite constellation,
they are all so pretty.

Here is a picture I took of the full moon in January,
I love the night time sky!

2. It is also Great Poetry Reading Day - share something poetic...

Not really a poem, per say. But poetic nonetheless.
I have always loved that quote. So far, it has had 100% accuracy.

3. Volunteering has been a big topic around our house lately - do you volunteer?  What kinds of volunteering do you enjoy?

A~ We do. We volunteer at my MIL's ALF and the local library. 

4. April 30th is National Honesty Day - clear your soul - and be honest about something you've been holding in...

A~ Honestly, I haven't ever been one to "hold things in", I tend to
speak exactly what is on my mind, be it good or bad.
Sometimes that is a good thing, other times...not so much!
I guess that can be considered a good quality depending on
which side you are on. lol!


retired not tired said...

Love your moon shot! Have a good week.

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