Friday, April 11, 2014

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun!

Feeling Beachie
The statements:
  1. _________________is my way to____________
  2.  My favorite ___________is _______________
  3. I am nothing like ____________
  4.  One thing I wish I could do better is ____________
My Answers:
  1. Removing myself from the "situation"  is my way to maintain my sanity.
  2.  My favorite holiday is Halloween!
  3. I am nothing like my parents "other children", thank goodness!
  4.  One thing I wish I could do better is to be more tolerant. Its hard when the people that need your tolerance are ADULTS, not kids anymore. Or did they forget?


retired not tired said...

yes removing oneself from a situation is often the best. I have a sore tongue from biting mine.

Rory Bore said...

I am a big fan of removing oneself from the situation. There are times to speak up, but I find those type of people rarely listen to what someone says anyway. Half the time your likely wasting your breath. I write it down instead, that way it doesn't bottle all up inside.

Hilary said...

Love your number 3

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