Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aldi & Walmart trips for the week!

I bought:

2  cases water
2 Natural Peanut Butter
1 half gallon almond milk
1lb. Salted butter
2, 1lb packages premium bacon
4 loaves White wheat bread
1 4lb bag sugar
1 frozen hash brown patty
1 Barbecue chips
1 Sour Cream & onion Chips
1 pretzel sticks
1 Fruit Gushers
2 containers of Strawberries
3lbs Organic Gala apples
1 fresh pineapple

Total OOP with tax=$43.09

Wal-Mart was super short,

I bought:

1 PRID drawing salve
1 bag chocolate donuts
1 Pamprin
1 40ct Tampax
8 cases of Diet Rite
( PM to Publix B2G2)

Total OOP with tax: $27.01
Can you tell DD was having her monthly visitor? ;)
We haven't ran completely out of PRID yet, but its close, so I grabbed
a back up! I wont be without it!

Total for both stores: $70.10
That leaves me with $29.90 from our weekly $100.00 budget.

Total OOP for the month: $357.85
Under budget so far for the month!

Winn Dixie needs to  have a sale on meats soon though.
The deep freezer is looking mighty empty of meats!
 I may have to pay full price next week...ugggh!


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