Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Monthly Meal Plan: A repeat of last month's meals?

This month we are carrying over quite a few dinner meals from last month
thanks to lots of leftover nights. So I added them into the list below.

 I posted about how I menu plan for the month HERE,
the short version is that I normally sit down and write out 14 meals I knew my family would eat, then doubled it. To make our meal plan for the month.
That means they eat the same meal twice in the month.
That is 28 meals, with at least 3 days of Leftovers for the month.
( Probably will be more )

But I didn't have to buy anything to make the meals below, since all the ingredients were already here from last month's meal plan.
I added in a few new meals, that I created from things I had on hand here.
20 meals total.

Here are our dinner meals for the month:

Spaghetti, salad, garlic toast
BBQ chicken breast, mac & cheese, green beans
Chinese Pepper Steak Stir Fry, rice
Chinese Pepper Chicken stir fry. rice
General Tso's chicken, rice
Tacos, refried beans, fresh veggies
Cube steaks, fries, green beans
Linguine with meat sauce, salad
Chicken & dumplings, salad
Chicken Tostadas, fresh veggies
Honey Chicken, roasted broccoli, organic rice
Penne Pasta with Chicken and veggies, salad, crusty bread
Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots
Beef Goulash/ Stew, French bread
Burgers,  homemade fries, salad
Vegan Vegetable & Bean Enchiladas, organic rice, salad
Vegan Black Bean Soup, crusty bread
Vegan Pasta with Beans ( & cheese for the family), green beans
Vegan White Bean Stew, salad, crusty bread
Homemade Vegan minestrone Soup , crusty bread

Breakfasts will be:
eggs and bacon
steel cut oatmeal with fruit
sausage gravy & biscuits with sliced tomatoes
 organic cereal with almond milk
bagels with organic preserves from Aldi
homemade waffles

Lunches will be:
Turkey breast sandwiches, chips
PB&J sammies, chips
Grilled chicken salad
sautéed veggies over leftover rice
wraps ( hummus, veggies, BLT's , Turkey, etc.) chips
grilled cheese, tomato or leftover soup , salad

Just a note:
I adjust the dinner meals on the nights I knew our son wont eat the dish because of his Type 1 Diabetes, for example, the Honey Chicken...he wont touch it, too many carbs. So I just don't use his Chicken breast from the 3 pack for the dish and prepare it separately. I just add a salad or green beans to his plate. The same applies to other dishes in the menu plan, but you get the idea.
Since I am vegan, I adjust my plate around what is for dinner, if no vegan options are there, I have a hummus and veggie wrap, salad or whatever really, I am not picky. ;)

I also added 24 chicken breasts and 12 pork chops to the deep freezer that aren't on the meal plan for this month. Because Winn Dixie had them each on sale this week for $1.99/lb., so I stocked up!
( stay tuned for the trip )


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