Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time to throw in the towel?

After all our dietary changes, the icing on the cake was the Gluten
intolerance diagnosis for me.
I am ready to throw in the towel and just accept the fact that our grocery budget is going to be $800-$1000 per month.
 I was just adding in more receipts to my planner and well, my total OOP is $762.31,
 and its is only the 12th!
I'm so upset! I have always maintained a strict grocery budget. Before we moved to FL our budget was $250.00 per month, after we moved here it jumped to $400 per month, now its well over $800.00, almost $1000 some months. We eat organic as much as possible, and have a lot of dietary restrictions.
( Type 1 Diabetic son, a juicing Vegan, and now Gluten Free )
I just don't know what else to do to get it lower, without sacrificing the quality of our food and health.

So, from this post forward...
I will no longer be so strict on myself, I will no longer beat myself up over it because it is not healthy for me to continue to do so. I will continue to strive to lower it, but if it doesn't happen. That's okay too, because I thank the good Lord above that we have the money to eat at all.


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