Monday, February 17, 2014

Meatless Monday: Gluten Free & Vegan Vegetable & Bean Enchiladas

Vegetable and Pinto Bean Enchiladas Recipe
(photo credit: All You)

Todays Meatless Monday recipe is found HERE,
it was already on our Monthly Menu Plan as well.

 I altered this recipe a lot to conform to what our family likes,
as well as to fit in to our dietary restrictions.

I make this Vegan by simply omitting the cheeses.
It becomes Gluten Free by changing the flour tortillas to corn tortillas.
I have also replaced the diced tomatoes and green chiles with Rotel tomatoes,
its just cheaper and essentially the same thing.
I also use can corn because it is half the price of frozen and omitted the zucchini, because no one likes squash in this family, including me.

I bought all the ingredients at Aldi:

1 Can corn $.49
1 large can pinto beans $1.19
1 can Rotel $.59
1 package corn tortillas $.64
( $1.29 per 30ct package, we roughly used half of these)
1 can enchilada sauce $.65
= $3.57 total for the whole meal

So filling and very yummy!
 Even my carnivorous family loves this Vegan meal!
I just wish I could make all the meals for that price and we'd be eating on the cheap every night!


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