Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aldi: Squeeeeee!

Did you guys notice all the Organic food available at Aldi now?
We have been shopping almost exclusively at Aldi for the passed few months. More so now that all the organic foods have hit the stores as permanent items!
We have tried all the organic produce, organic Strawberry frozen fruit bars, organic cereals, organic pasta, organic pasta sauces and organic diced tomatos..heck...I dont think there are many Organic foods that they carry that we havent!
So budget friendly and yummy!
*Check out the sneak peek of the ad starting tomorrow for our area by clicking on the link below...woot!*
I am in!
We still get beef at Publix though, for some reason the family doesnt care for Aldi's beef. They say it tastes funny? What about you guys? Does it taste funny to you to?
IDK, I dont eat meat, so I am of no help!
In case you guys weren't aware, you can see the weekly ads on the Aldi site.
Use Atlanta, GA for your city/state on the site to be able
to view the ad for our area starting on Wednesday.
Their ad starts on Sundays, so we get an early peek at our ad by using their city/state!


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