Friday, November 29, 2013

Popping in to say...

I know its been a minute since I had the time to make a post here. For that I apologise.
Things have been just crazy here.
Lots of Doctor visits for our son and the hubbs..unfortunately.
Sometimes we have a rough day, even a rough week,
but this family has had a rough year.
I thank God everyday for healing my son and the hubby.
For protecting them and us, from what almost happened.
I can tell you first hand, that things can ALWAYS be worse so I am thankful that we made it through it all, a little worse for wear, but things are slowly getting back to normal so I hope I am able to get back to deal shopping and blogging.

But I must confess...
I havent used a single coupon in months now. I just havent had the time to even look at, much less clip the inserts! Blasphemy, I know. But this year has been full of injuries, illnesses, doctor, physical therapy and pharmacy visits. Accompanied by lots of learning and healing, but we are here and slowly healing more and more each day.
God is good. All the time!

I hope this finds you all well...



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