Thursday, September 5, 2013

Walmart Shopping Trip: Lots of Organic food!

We had to have a few groceries Tuesday, 9/3/13 so I ran to Walmart since it is the closest store to us because it was nearly dinner time! Plus I had some coupons I needed to use before they expired.
My receipt below doesn't show what is organic and what isn't.
In case anyone wants to know:
 1 Organic Seattles Best coffee,
2 Annie's organic Mac & Cheese,
2 Annie's organic Shells & Cheese,
2 each Sam's Choice Organic green beans & peas,
1 Florida Crystals Organic Sugar,
 4 Clif Mojo Bars ( 70% Organic).
I also bought Silk Non GMO Almond Milk, not sure if it is Organic or not, but it sure tastes better than the almond milk I have been buying at Aldi's.
I also grabbed my sons Dreamfields spaghetti, Pork Skins,
Cheese sticks, Diet Pepsi's and Kix cereal.
My daughter wanted some Peppermint Mocha Coffee Mate and a "Bakery Reduced" chocolate chip muffin 4 pack. My Bic stationary item coupons were expiring soon, so I used those while we were there as well.
I had coupons for most of the products I bought.
Total OOP was $51.23
Total saved= $15.40
Total OOP for the month so far: $51.23


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