Monday, September 9, 2013

Shopping Trips: Walmart, Winn Dixie & Publix! Organic food is expensive!!

Why is it that organic food is more expensive? Someone, please tell me.
I don't understand it. It seems to me that if the food is grown without all those yucky pesticides they would be cheaper? But sadly, that is not the case.
Anyway, I went to Walmart first:
 I bought lots of organic produce,
2 each Sam's Choice Organic canned green beans & peas,
1 Organic Seattle's Best coffee,
 ( btw... this is the best coffee I have ever had!)
1 Muir Glen Organic Salsa
1 Bertolli Organic Pasta sauce
1 Earth Balance Organic margarine
1 Smucker's Organic Peanut Butter
I also had to get my sons Diet Dr. Pepper and Chester's Puff Corn.
Then I stopped at Winn Dixie....


before the 3 Day Sale is over to grab some $.49 Vo5 Salon Series shampoo,
conditioner and styling products.
I also did the Tide Deal twice, the Proctor & Gamble $.25 Fuel perks deal twice and
grabbed 2 organic canned garbanzo & 2 organic pinto beans, & 1 Organic Tortilla Chips.
I also got us both a 20 oz. soda and my hubby a bag of the Tostitos Cantina chips
he has been wanting to try.
I got $.65 in Fuel Perks but I am only about $.60 away from my next fuel perks bonus so I will be stopping in Wednesday to grab something small to get over that threshold.
Then my total Fuel Perks discount will be $.70 off per gallon of gas! Heck Yeah!
Next up was Publix.....

I bought a lot of organic food.
3 Greenwise Organic Steaks
1 Greenwise Organic beef stew meat
3 packages Greenwise organic Chicken Breast
1 package Greenwise organic Ground beef
2 Vans Vegan waffles (BOGO this week)
1 Tazo Organic Chai tea
1 Greenwise Organic applesauce
1 Organic Maple syrup
1 Gallon Organic Whole milk
lots of Organic produce.
I also bought me a roll of  Vegan, organic Smart Sausage and a package of
organic Tofurkey Vegan sausage links to try.
I am not one for "fake meat" but we have been so busy lately that if not for canned beans and Peanut Butter sandwiches I would have probably starved. So I am looking for something that I would possibly "like" for those nights when preparing 2 meals
 is simply out of the question.
I grabbed my sons Kix since they were BOGO this week. He really didn't need them yet, but you cant say no to BOGO, especially when I just paid $2.94 per box for them
 at Wal-Mart!
I used one lonely Winn Dixie $5/$55 Catalina coupon on this trip.
Shocking for me, since I usually rock Publix for the sales.
Since going Organic, it hasn't been the same shopping at Publix for me. </3
My total OOP for all the above was: $214.80
Total saved was: $93.97
Total OOP for the month so far is $266.03
Total Saved for the month is: $109.37


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