Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shopping Trip: In the rain for Organic food at Aldi prices!

OMG, did you guys see the new Aldi ad for this week?
Organic Chicken Breast is $2.99/lb and Organic Grass fed beef is $4.49/lb!
It is a very rainy day here in Lakeland, but I still ran to Aldi for those 2 deals alone,
but there were only 3 lonely packages of Organic Chicken Breast & 2 packages of Organic Grass Fed beef  left in the cooler but I grabbed them! I even asked a stocker if there was anymore in the back, but she said
" Nope, what is/was out there is all they have!"
I went with plenty of cash prepared to stock the freezer,
 but sadly I left with what little they had.
If Aldi would stock Organic meats, dairy, produce and other foods all the time,
I would NEVER shop anywhere else.
I love that store anyway, the Organic food would win me forever!!
 I totally scored on clearance Organic EVOO and other Organic food as well though,
 so I shouldn't complain!
I got lots of Organic foods. Some non Organic produce, but its raining so bad, I really didn't want to stop at Publix, so I only bought what we truly needed and I washed it thoroughly with a recipe for Produce wash ( basically lemon juice and baking soda)
that I found online.
We needed the TP, we have never tried the Panda brand, but it wasn't a bad price for
12 double rolls I grabbed 2.
I found 2 bottles of the Simply Nature Organic EVOO on clearance for $1.99!
Woot! Woot!
I wanted to try their Simply Nature Organic Pasta sauce, so I bought 1 of each kind.
I also bought 2 cans of Simply Nature Organic diced tomatoes to try. Both of which are on sale this week. I grabbed the kids some snacks and the hubby some ice cream.
 That's about it.
Total OOP was $92.49
Which is rockin with all that Organic meat/poultry and other Organic foods! 
Aldi...if you are reading this...
make the Organic meat/poultry available all the time!
Start carrying Organic produce, Organic Aldi prices...
and we will buy it.
I drive past countless other stores here in Lakeland just to shop at your store and I know plenty of other people here that do the same thing!
Total OOP for the month so far to $785.06
Total Saved for the month is: $226.76


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