Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rockin' Ibotta Deal: But Ibotta did a Bait & Switch!

Well, I was going to share how you guys could score this deal too, but as soon as I bought the first set of products yesterday evening, the expiration date on the $20 bonus "magically" changed from 9/9/13 to 9/5/13 at 1:59am, so I had to run back out to Walmart to grab the other items I needed to at least get the $20 bonus. I may still grab a couple more things to get the $5.00 Autumn bonus, but Im not sure yet.
I am totally upset that Ibotta pulled a "Bait & Switch" by changing the expiration dates like that. Im not sure if others are having the same issue, but from what I have read on the Ibotta Facebook page, they are.
To learn more about the deal was hop on over to The Krazy Coupon Lady,
I didn't get the Baby Bonus, because there are no babies in diapers in our household, so I didn't buy them. I did get the Huggies wipes, because we do use those anyway.
Anyway here is what I bought:
( All items purchased at Walmart)


Total for all of the above after tax was $41.74
Cash back received from Ibotta $38.25
Total OOP is: $3.49 after tax!
If not for that 7% tax here, I would have paid only $.36!
It would have been $5.00 more for the Autumn Bonus, but thanks to Ibotta's little trick, I don't think it is going to be worth it now to buy the other 2 items I need just to finish the bonus.
I already transferred my $ back to my Paypal account!
I am not counting this trip in my monthly totals since I already had $ in my Paypal Account and I used $3.49 of that amount to cover this trip.
All of the $$ in my Paypal Account is from Ibotta!
So essentially, this is a FREE trip for me....and then some!


thebirkys said...

Saw your post on IHP. I'm sitting at 50% on two of my bonuses for Ibotta and neither of them expire until 9/11 at 1:59 am (along with all the individual Ibotta items). I've seen some of the conversations on KCL and I was worried, too. The only thing I can think is when I did one task for each of the items, it extended the date on each of them a couple of days. Also, I bought my first four items on the 31st and maybe that locked the dates in? Who knows???
I noticed that you bought the travel size 3-pack Kleenex. I'm assuming it qualified, too? That is good to know! I have just a few more items to purchase to complete the deal.

Crystal said...

Sorry but I didn't post on IHP, can you give me the link to the post you are talking about?

Mine really did change after I bought the first set of items, look at the times on the Wal-Mart receipts, I ran back out after dinner to finish it up so I wouldn't lose the $20 bonus. my opinion.

Yes, the Travel size Kleenex works. Just be sure to get it from the travel sized area. The ones in the tissue aisle didn't work. Scan them in Ibotta to be sure.

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