Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shopping trips this week: Aldi, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Publix & Big Lots!

Whew! Im tired just reading the title of this post!
Its been a busy 2 days for us.
We are trying to change over to all organic
( or as much as we possibly can)
and even with all the stores available to us here in Lakeland,
we still had to store hop to find the best deals out there.
Aldi, Dollar Tree & Dollar General.
The Dollar Tree items above were all for my MIL except for the Tater Tots.
The $$ is spent from my budget though.
Aldi list was short this week since we are trying eat organic as much as possible.

Dollar General was just Dial Body wash for my hubby before the coupon expires.
Wal-Mart, Publix, Big Lots:
Wal-Mart was our sons Pork Skins ( Zero Carbs and he loves them) , my Vegan margarine and lots of organic veggies, but not any fruits. Our Wal-Mart sucks for having organic produce. They seem to always have a small selection of organic veggies though.

Big Lots was all kinds of awesome!
 They have tons of organic products for unheard of prices!
Nature Path Organic granola bars for $2.50, Cascadian Farms Organic Cereals;
Multi Grain Squares for $2.30 & Granola for $1.50. Bear Naked Organic Cereal for $1.95?
Crazy cheap prices!
We also scored big on the fam's favorite Nature's Own Butterbread too, they had it on sale for $1.40 per loaf. I grabbed 6! Heck yeah, that stuff is almost $4.00 per loaf here!
I tossed those babies right in the deep freezer!
They also had my favorite Vegan Bagels may be surprised to hear that Thomas' Everything Bagels are indeed vegan....but they are.
I love them, but don't buy them often because they are $4.89 per bag here.
But they had them on sale as well, so I grabbed 3 for only $1.60 each!
My son found his PuffCorn
( in case you don't know, this is a low carb snack
that doesn't spike his blood sugar levels)
there finally, we have been stalking Walmart for it, but its never there anymore.
He also grabbed a bag of Snyder Pretzels. These are great snacks for him, and easy to carb count because they don't tend to crumble in the bag. 
I also grabbed a bag of Veggie Chips for me to go with my hummus from Publix.
I spied a box of Reese's muffin mix as well.
My hubby loves baked treats, so I try to grab him a little something every now and then.
Organic fruits. Some BOGO Sabra Hummus ( yummmy)
and a Green Wise Market London Broil that is now simmering away in the crockpot to make for an "easy dinner" for the family,
cuz after all that shopping I am too pooped to cook!
Total spent this week:
Total OOP for the month:
But that's probably going to be my new normal from now on.
I will aim for under $800, but Im not gonna sweat it either way.
Maybe if I look at it that way, I will spend waaayyyy less.
I can hope right?


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