Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shopping Trips: Aldi & Dollar Tree

This week was my menu plan shopping
week for 2 weeks worth of dinner meals.
Plus anything that we were out of.
I found Vegan Garden Salsa Rice Crisps at Aldi!
 Clearly labeled Vegan too! Makes it so much easier when they label it!
I also found me some Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola.
I haven't tried that brand before, but for $2.29, I will!
They also had their version of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, so I grabbed that too!

I promise, I didn't buy 3 bags of tater tots for the!
I bought one, but the clerk couldn't get my frozen broccoli and corn
to ring up so she scanned the tots 3 times!
That's all folks!
Total OOP: $110.32
Total OOP so far for the month: $421.43
I'm not sure my Grocery goal of $500 is going to work.
I include all household items, i.e. ..paper towels, laundry products, cleaning products, toilet paper and any HBA's we need. As well as items that my Mother in Law needs 
any $$ I spend money at ANY store...I explain more HERE. & HERE.
So that isn't leaving much $$ for real food here.
Keep in mind guys, that we have 2 special needs diets in our household.
 ( a Type 1 Diabetic Son & my Vegan Diet)
I am thinking that I need to allocate $500 ONLY for food, $100 for household needs
and $50.00 for my Mother in laws items.
or I am going to have to only decrease it to $650 collectively.
Right now, I am going to be over the $500 mark before the month is over, no doubt.
Any suggestions?
How do you guys do it?
One big budget?
Lots of different sections?
I'm so lost on this one!


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