Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shopping Trip: Aldi trip & a Doctor visit this week!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.
Our son has had a rough few days.
Lots of low blood sugars, followed by lots of high ones.
Please keep him/us in your prayers.
I had to run to Aldi to pick up groceries on Wednesday,
but I am just now having a minute to get a little blogging done.
Here's what I bought this week at;
I have had to run grab a few supplies/food for DS a few times since my last post.
With those trips and the Aldi one above my
Total OOP this month is
The month isn't even over yet and I am way
over my "hoped for" budget amount of $500.00.
It sucks, but what can you do?
The sad thing is, its about to get!
I had an appt with my Doctor on the 19th, and he said
to eat/buy no more produce unless it is organic.
The amount of pesticides they use on conventional produce is unreal.
Even though I told him that we wash the produce thoroughly,
he insisted that it still leaches into the food. 
He also said the "dirty dozen" list should include ALL produce, grains, spices, herbs, and any product made with any item grown from the earth that pesticides are used on.
Since I am Vegan, I eat tons of produce, so he is
worried about the levels of pesticides I am putting in my body.
I juice a lot of produce as well, so essentially I am drinking all those pesticides on top of eating them.
He also encouraged me to buy ALL organic products, if possible.
He is well aware of the cost differences, but still wants me to make the changes.
Not just for me, but for our whole family as well.
It will be expensive, I know.
I am going to start with buying only Organic produce,
and as we use up the stock we have here of the other stuff,
they will be replaced with Organic twins.
Just reading that makes my wallet scream!!
But my Doctor totally rocks, knows what he is talking about,
 I trust him, and his opinions
 and he is old school.
I love that!
 He is almost 80 years old, and has never been on a medication for anything in his life. He said he would sometimes take an aspirin for a headache, but other than that, he hasn't ever had so much as a cold....for 80 years! Amazing!
Proper nutrition and healing the body, not treating it with medications is his philosophy.
Believe me, when I first started going to him I was skeptical to say the least,
but I was sick. My body was sick. My spirit was sick.
Now I feel better than I ever have in my life. Its getting better every day.
I thank God every day for sending my Doctor into my life.
So many Doctors nowadays are in the back pockets of " Big Pharma" and could care less about how to HEAL the body, instead they just TREAT the symptoms with whatever biologic medication they get kick backs for prescribing to their patients.
Its so sad really. Doctors once were "healers", not anymore.
They are more like drug dealers...pushing this medication or that one,
 to fix what the first one messed up...
Okay...I guess that's enough of my mini rant...lmao!
I could go on all day!
Doctors have been using me for a guinea pig since I was 12!
Until 2012 when I found a real Doctor!


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