Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grocery Trips: Aldi & Dollar Tree

This week is our "filler" week for things we were out of.
We got lots of produce, snacks, lunch and breakfast items.
We didn't need items for dinner meals, other than produce,
since I shopped for those last week for enough
to last us for 2+ weeks of dinner meals.
There are also some household items we needed as well.
Paper towels, plastic wrap, etc.
The laundry products were a total " I want to try it", spur of the moment type purchase.
If the Tandil works as well as Tide,
I'm done buying Tide. Period.
My hubby's work clothes only come clean in Tide.
They are super dirty and after trying every brand
of detergent out there for his clothes nothing cleans them like Tide.
But it is so pricey, and doesn't last long, even though I only use it on his clothes.
The liquid fabric softener smells and looks just like Downy.
The dryer sheets smell so similar to Bounce, I bet they are!
I am going to try them out this morning, so stay tuned for a review!

Dollar Tree:
I had to grab my sons "fast sugars" again this week.
I also grabbed a couple bags of fries/tater tots for the deep freezer.
We needed the cooking spray, elbow mac & black pepper.
The rest of the items I bought for my mother in law.
She loved those 3 liter Diet Sodas so much that I grabbed
for the Hula Party last weekend, that she asked me to bring
her some each week! All the residents loved them! 
I had a glass at the party and they are great! I'm not much of a soda drinker
 though, but every once in awhile I will have some.
I bought her a couple new Word Finds books, some mechanical pencils,
a composition notebook and some Werther's Original knock offs.
She doesn't like to "get out" much, so I take her things often.
So yeah, a lot of thing things I bought this week had nothing to do groceries.
But I count any money I spend at a store of any kind
for household/grocery items from my grocery budget.
Unless it is a big ticket item for the house.
Total OOP for both stores:
Total monthly OOP so far:


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