Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grocery Trips: Aldi, Dollar Tree & Publix!

Aldi: OOP = $138.75
Pretty self explanatory.
I bought a ton of fresh produce, some snacks for the kids, cereal for them and myself.
Of course, I just had to grab a couple more Belmont Sorbet, because the were just too yummy to pass up! I also found Boca Chik'n burgers this week, I haven't tried that style, but I have had the regular Boca burgers and loved them, so I am hoping these are just as good.
I bought some Potato Gnocchi to try as well, I haven't ever had it either, but it looks so yummy in the recipes I have seen, that I decided to give it a try as well.
 Its Vegan, so I am hoping that I like it!
I also grabbed 2 Donut Blend Coffee's to try, I have read rave reviews of this brand, so Im sure its delicious! Gotta have my coffee in the mornings!
As well, as Kids Krunch Berry Cereal & a Take & Bake 5 Cheese pizza that my DD wanted to try and my Crispy Oats cereal that I wanted to try.
Oh and Mamba's! New to me too, clearly labeled Vegan, so why not give them a shot too?
I also found Ham Steaks ( slices) for the hubby and DD, they love it fried in a little olive oil, we always buy Smithfield, so I have my fingers crossed that they like this brand too.
One ham steak will feed both of them. So they will make 2 cheap meals for them for sure! My son, cannot stand ham, of any kind, deli or this kind.
That's why I only bought 2!
Notice all those "new" products that I/we haven't tried before?
That's the beauty of Aldi, you can AFFORD to try new things, and if you don't like it, you can return it. Although, so far, we haven't had one thing we did not like!
In fact the Aldi brands taste better!

Dollar Tree: OOP $32.33
My son needed some more "fast sugars" this week.
 As well as a few things we needed around the house and a few snacks for the kids.
I grabbed 10 of the Diet Cola 3 liters for the Hula Party
at my MIL's Retirement home on Saturday.
Should be fun, but not sure if I am gonna be able to contain myself from cracking up at all the "lil ole ladies & gents" dressed in grass skirts and straw hats,
 but I am gonna try.

This trip was all about the cheap Wisk detergent, Ragu and Wishbone Dressing.
I needed Vegenaise and the corn was just cheap
so I grabbed 2 to throw in the deep freezer.
Publix: OOP = $16.30
Saved $40.78
Not too bad considering just the 4 Wisk would have been
$25.96 +tax without the sale & coupons!
Total OOP for all 3 stores $187.38
Total saved: $40.78
Not counting the savings I have just by shopping at Aldi !


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