Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunday Coupon Preview: No Inserts this week, 7/21/13

It is being reported on WUC that there are
no inserts scheduled for this Sunday, 7/21/13.
I get 4 Tampa Tribunes delivered each Sunday, and a lot of times even when there are no inserts scheduled we still get great Publix coupons, so I never put a "stop" in on my papers, no matter what.

I am downsizing again to only 1 mini binder versus the 2 I have been carrying with me.
With me changing my shopping habits, I
cannot see the need to clip & file all those coupons.
 I am only clipping the coupons for products with a high dollar amount.
That means $1.00 & above and we MUST use the product or it gets filed.
It has saved me a lot of time so far!


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