Sunday, July 21, 2013

New widget! = No more posts directing you to other blogs.

I was kicking around my blog this morning and it seems like I am repeating myself each week by directing you guys/gals to varous sites to find the coupon matchups for the weekly ads.
Seems like a waste of my time posting these several times each week so I decided I would add a widget to my left sidebar that has a few of the many sites out there that
 I "used" when I was coupon deal hunting every day.
I am not doing that very often anymore so instead of me making multiple posts each week directing you all around the blogosphere,  please click away in the widget to the left.
Because I will no longer be posting those here anymore.
Be sure to check out each one since some of them are store specific.
I hope this helps you all. I know it will help me save time each week.


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