Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monthly Totals: June 2013

 As many of you are aware, we have had a ton of diet changes in our household.
Which also has meant a lot more OOP each month.
By a lot I mean... A LOT!
Our OOP for May was over $1400.00, for everything.
Special needs for DS & my Vegan foods, on top of the "regular diet" foods for DH & DD.
As well as all household goods and pet foods.
Our son's health scare lead to a lot of diet changes for him to manage
a disease that will be with him the rest of his life.
My transition to Veganism in late March, is totally by choice though.
I kinda feel guilty about mine, but for my health, it has to be done.
I am 35lbs down as of this morning!
But most of all , I feel so much better!
I spent $729.52 OOP this month.
 ( Yikes!, but Yay!, not over $1400!)
I managed to save $331.39
31.24% off.
I still Cherry Pick the deals at all the store, when there is stock. Most times there is, but sometimes I just wanna throw in the towel altogether when the shelves are bare of the sale items.
I would love some ideas on how to lower that amount even further, without sacrificing the quality of foods that both our special diets need.


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