Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid Month Spending check aint pretty! =(

Let me start this post with a bright note, its a lot less than May's OOP!
I have 11 receipts from various stores that totaled;  $558.28 so far for this month.
I budgeted $750.00 for the month, after my June totals had came down considerably.
So I am crossing my fingers that I make it.
Since Aldi is my new "go to" store each week now, so I am hoping
that helps reign back in my grocery budget.
I wanna get it back to down to at least $400 per month, hopefully lower.
I am aiming at getting it to $75.00 per week, but that may be wishful thinking because I am not sure how feasible that is with our special diets in play,
but I am gonna give it my best!


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