Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grocery Trips: Aldi, Dollar Tree & Winn Dixie

I had to make a grocery trip yesterday since I will be in a meeting this afternoon and first thing Wednesday morning. I planned out our meals for the next 2 weeks and shopped for those items since its going to be crazy around here the next couple weeks and
I know I wont have time to get to the stores.
Pretty self explanatory, we needed all of the items above
for our meals for the next 2 weeks.
Sans the TP, but I grabbed another one in case we
run out before I have time to get back.
Check out the price of the Maple Syrup! Wow!
I pay upwards of $7.00 per bottle at Walmart for it!
Never again.
I also grabbed me a couple pints of sorbet while I was there.
I have never tried these before but for $1.99, I will!
I normally only buy these once in awhile, because they are crazy expensive!
$4.99 for a pint at Walmart.
So I grabbed 2 pints for less than the price of 1!
 Heck Yeah!

I noticed here that she charged me for 2 of DD's Extra Gum's, we only bought 1!

Mostly beef/meat here. My hubby has been begging for a banana split. So between Aldi and Winn Dixie, he got it. He never asks for anything specific from the grocery stores, so when he started "wanting" a banana split the other day, I promised him I would
buy the items to make him one when I went grocery shopping.
Brownie points for the wifey! lol!
Total for all of the above:
It would have been at roughly $125.00 for this week,
( really 2 weeks of dinner meals)
if not for the TP we really didn't need yet and the hubby's banana split items.
But I am not complaining, he is the best hubby a lady could ask for.
So if he wants something once in awhile, he gets it. =)
That brings my total OOP for the month to $742.00 even.
But we are set for the rest of the month.
Next month, I am decreasing our budget to $500.00 per month. 
 That's $125.00 per week but I think I can make it since
I started shopping at Aldi & Dollar Tree.
Wish me luck!


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