Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grocery Shopping Trip Today: Aldi & Dollar Tree

We were almost out of fruit this morning so I took off to Aldi.
My hubby & DS loved their Butterbread I bought last week
so I grabbed extra for the deep freezer!
They have both been begging me to make biscuits and sausage gravy.
so I grabbed the biscuits while I was there.
DD just asked for some more of the Dr. Dazzle 12pack soda to take with her to work and the "monthly visitor" items on the receipt..hahahaha!
Guess what items are mine?

My son was out of his "fast sugars" for his lows that he has been having daily.
 I pray that his Pediatric Endocrinologist gets his insulin at optimum levels soon.
Lately, we fight his lows until almost midnight, then we are back up at 6am
for his morning injection and lemme tell ya, we are both exhausted.
Anyway, 99% of what you see above on the receipt is for him, with the exception of the sausage for their biscuits & gravy, No Yolks noodles, tater tots and Texas Toast,
which of course, if for the rest of the fam as well.
My items...
steel cut oats, stuffed olives and chili!
Boy, look at how much money I will save when they are all grown up and on their own!
Seriously though, no amount of money saved is worth not having them here with us!
I'm sure you all agree!
Total out of pocket today was : $75.19


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