Saturday, July 6, 2013

Crockpot Lasagna: Is it possible?

It is!
I would have never believed it, if I wouldnt have tried it today!
I was awake super late last night with DS fighting a low blood sugar,
 so I am exhausted today.
He wanted lasagna for dinner tonight, of course!
It takes me forever to make it and the oven makes the house scorching.
Im too tired and its just too hot for that mess today!
So, shortly before I prepared his lunch,
I put this Crockpot Lasagna together for the fam's dinner....

and its done now!
With no hot house...or Momma! =)
DD smelled it cooking and just had to taste it....her review?
"Its the best lasagna you have ever made Mom".....
idk if I like that review or!
I would spend over an hour prepping mine for the oven; then have
 piles of pots & pans and utensils everywhere for me to clean after it went into the oven.
To have her say that makes me shake my head in disbelief.
 I literally layered everything in the Crockpot and walked away
for a few hours and its "the best I ever made?"
All those wasted hours in the kitchen ended today!
My next "experiment" is going to be a Vegan Lasagna for me! lol


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