Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cesar Canine Cuisine: You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Our little four legged, furry son has been so sick!
He ate some Cesar Canine Cuisine Filet Mignon flavor Friday evening for dinner
 and he started getting sick right away. Vomiting, diarrhea, the works!
Nothing was new about the Cesar, thats what he normally eats twice a day, different flavors of course, but a Cesar product nonetheless..
We had just purchased it a few days ago, so it wasnt expired.
But something had to be wrong with it.
I started Googling "Cesar Canine Cuisine made my dog sick"
I was shocked at what I found! Google it, you will see. 
Never again will I spend a dime of my money on that food!
They should be ashamed of themselves for what they
are doing to the dogs that eat this crap!
I called our vet and took him in for an appt on Saturday morning. I told him what was going on and what I had read online but he wasnt surprised at all,
apparently this has happened to countless other dogs
he has seen over the years that ate Cesar Canine Cuisine. 
After a few tests, he couldnt find anything "wrong" with him,
other than the tummy troubles he was having from the food.
 He told me to feed him a bland diet for a few days,
 then recommended that I change his food ASAP,
and he gave me a few suggestions as to what brands to try.
So off to the Pet Supermarket I went.
After over an hour in the store, I ended up purchasing this:
Small Breed - Toy Breed
It was one of the brands our vet suggested, and the ONLY brand of his suggestions with
small enough bits that he could chew.
 He has an underbite that prevents him from eating the "normal" size
dry dog food because the bits are just to big for him to chew, believe me we tried everything from Blue Buffalo to Zero Grain and he just could not physically chew the bits, thats why we resorted to Cesar Canine Cuisine for him,
 it was soft and he had no issues chewing it.
Little did we know what it was actually doing to his body.
Shame on you Cesar Canine Cuisine!
We also bought him these:
Chicken & Cheddar Cheese
and although we have to break them in little bits for him, he loves them.
After his bland diet over the weekend, he had this food/bars starting Monday of this week, and lemme tell ya, I can see the difference in him already.
In fact, after just the first feeding Monday.
Thank God! We have been a very worried set of pet parents
and siblings these passed few days.
If you have a pet that eats Cesar Canine Cuisine, or know someone who does, please pass this info along to them, share it in your news feed on Facebook, or whatever your choice of social media is. Just please warn everyone you know so no one elses pet has to go through what our little guy has.


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