Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aldi: Sorbet & Maple Syrup Review

Belmont Sorbet Review:
Let me begin this post with...
OMGoodness these are yummy!!

I am almost positive the Mango sorbet is Haagen Daz brand.
The taste and creamy-ness is nearly identical.

The raspberry is just as delicious!
It has that tart taste that is so distinct of a fresh raspberry!

In my opinion the taste is so similar Haagen Daz, I bet a side by side comparison you couldnt tell the difference. I think I like the Belmont brand even a little better.
It just tastes "fresher". Like you made it at home.
Aunt Maple's 100%  Maple Syrup Review:

Oh Aunt Maple....I just love you!
I always use maple syrup to sweeten my oatmeal in the mornings.
So I was super happy to have found this one at Aldi the other day for a fraction of the price I normally pay at Walmart. So how does it compare, you ask?
Its maple syrup. Same flavor as what you would expect maple syrup to taste like.
Only less expensive.
There is no way I will go back to buying this at Walmart.
I havent had a single item from Aldi so far that hasnt been equal too or better than its Name Brand twin. In fact, the items at Aldi actually taste better.
I hope you enjoyed this post, look for many more to come!
I <3 Aldi!
Do you have any faves from Aldi?
  Share what your Aldi loves are in the comments section below.
Disclosure: Aldi hasnt paid me in any way for this post.
Nor have they supplied any of the items I have reviewed in this post.


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