Friday, July 12, 2013

Aldi: Oh how I have missed you!

My last trip to Aldi was in October of 2011 because I just couldn't justify the hour drive one way to get there anymore. It nulled any savings
 I have by the time I paid for the gas to get there and back.
Mind you, its only 20 miles away, but in horrible traffic, it takes at least an
hour to get there, 2 hours rounds trip. Crazy, I know.
But I found another Aldi yesterday that is only 15 miles away, in hardly any traffic,
so it literally takes 10-15 minutes to get there!
Woot! Woot!
My DD & I took off yesterday afternoon and totally stocked up...notice all the "junk food" in the receipt above? Yeah, that was her! lol!
All that produce? You guessed was me! lol!
I wont breakdown everything on the receipt, but I will tell you , that I did a comparison off of the receipts I have from Walmart for the passed few months
versus Aldi prices, and lemme tell ya,
I saved $58.55 for driving roughly 15 minutes to Aldi.
My DS, the math wiz, calculated the mileage our Camry gets minus the distance to Aldi and back, and told me that it takes less than 1 gallon of gas to get there and back.
$58.55 savings
-$3.49 1 gal gas.
( didn't use that much, but still.)
Not bad, for driving a few miles and avoiding Wal*Hell in the process.
No coupons, no long lines, no carts all over the place,
just happy employees and customers.
But the best parts of all are plenty of stock on the shelves and fabulous prices!
Ive been waiting for this day for so long! lol!
Because, I have just about had it with coupon shopping,
Im so tired of planning out great scenarios then get to the store,
and find empty shelves of the sale items!
Don't get me wrong, I am totally going to still "try" to get the
 freebies/cheapies but only IF we need/use/don't have a ton of it already!

But no longer am I going to store hop to try to find the "elusive" sale items in stock.
If it cannot beat the Aldi everyday price, it isn't going on my "radar"
when I am looking at the ads each week.
You guys know what trouble I have been having with my grocery budget skyrocketing
with my Vegan diet, and DS's special needs diet, I think this is the answer to my prayers to get it back down to normal again!
Do you guys shop at Aldi?
What are your savings?
Favorite products?
Chime in and share your opinions of Aldi!


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