Friday, June 28, 2013

Do you Co-Wash your hair? Alberto VO5 Shampoo/Conditioner=$.49 each at Walmart!

Unsure of what "co washing" is? Go on a Google-fest, it has a wealth of info!
You wont be sorry that you did!
Before I started cowashing, my hair was a frizzy, dry mess.
Being Irish, redheaded, and a curly girl on top of all those lovely genes, I needed help!
 Now my hair is alot stronger, not dry and my curls are "tamed".
I co wash my hair twice per day, so I go through these little gems fast!
My favorites are....well....all of them! But lately I am digging the Kiwi Lime Squeeze!
Walmart has them for $.74 each
-$1.00/4 6/16 SS
=$.49 each wyb 4
I am tempted to wait for a sale somewhere,
the last time this coupon was out I bought 16 bottles,
they went on sale for $.50 each ( Wags or CVS, I think)
but I am down to my last quarter of a bottle,
so this deal is gonna have to do for me! ;)


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