Saturday, June 22, 2013

6/22/13....Brace yourselves....

Not sure where to begin other than just let it pour out.
After a few weeks of bed rest from his broken ankle, our DS got extremely sick, he ended up spending over a week in the ICU with DKA. We almost lost him.
He was in a diabetic coma for 4 days before he came out of it.
Undiagnosed Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. =(
We have been spending the last couple months adjusting his diet, working with his endocrinologist and almost living in a Doctors office, somewhere.
Things are slowly getting better, So I am going to try to get back to blogging some now. But please bear with me, because there is probably going to be times where I just cant fit it in, I need to try though. Blogging relaxes me, it gives me an outlet to just let it flow and take my mind off all this. Which is what I need right now.


Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Oh wow, you all have been through a lot. I hope your DS is doing better now. It must have been and probably still is a scary time for you xo

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