Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Totals: I gotta get back in the game!!

Its been a long time since I actually made a weekly totals post here,
because I quit keeping track.
As long as my grocery money envelope of $400 per month
 lasted the entire month I really didnt care.
That has to change! I need to make myself more accountable 
and get it lower again. I had it right at $300 per month then
when the deals and stock fizzled here and I threw in the towel.
But I have gotta get back in the game! 
My goal is to have our budget back at $50 per week like it
was in VA before we moved to FL but that may be a pipe dream living here.
Things are alot more expensive and no doubles, but I am hopeful.
I am starting this post on 2/21, although you guys wont read it until March 1st or so.
Here goes....

February Weekly Totals


2/21- Publix : $ 46.72
2/22- Publix: $14.83

Total Weekly OOP: $61.55
Total Weekly Savings: $147.48

70.55 % off!

Heck yeah...and was a little under budget this week!


 Publix: $11.03
    Winn Dixie: $13.48
Dollar General Market: $11.69
= $36.20

Winn Dixie: $40.08

Publix ( combined trips): $32.61

Total Weekly OOP: $108.89
Total Weekly Savings: $148.90

   57.76 % off!

A little over, but Im not complaining because we were out of just about everything!


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