Thursday, March 7, 2013

Publix: 4 trips 3/7/13= 83.34% off!

It was freezing this morning when I was shopping.
You should not be able to see your breath in Florida....its just wrong! =)
Sorry for no pic, quite honestly, it was the last thing on my mind, I was frozen! =(
The below is 4 trips, 4 DIFFERENT stores.
There is plenty of stock at each one, surprisingly.
I bought:
4 Finagle a Bagel $3.00 ea
64 Cesar wet dog food's $.80ea
6 Hormel Sides $3.00ea
12 Chef Boyardee $1.49ea
4 Grahamfuls $4.19ea
4 So Delicious pints $5.99ea
4 Caribou coffee $9.99ea
2 Planters peanuts $3.49ea
6 Ronzoni spaghetti $1.49ea
4 Halls cough drops $1.81ea
Non Bogo's
4 Philly Cream cheese $2.49ea
4 Suave Moroccan Shampoo/Conditioner $2.50 ea
4 Suave Moroccan styling oil $2.50ea
1.5lb package ground sirloin MD $5.15
Total OOP= $47.04 with tax
Total Saved= $235.35
83.34% off!
Once again, to see what coupons I used hop on over HERE to I Heart Publix!
Thanks so much Michelle!
I did use a $5/$25 Save A Lot coupon at each store that isnt listed in Michelle's list.
Thank goodness for great neighbors that dont mind me printing a couple
SAL coupons at their house this week! Love you guys!
Also, I only had 4 BOGO Cesar coupons, I used the $3.00/15 TQ, thats why I had to store hop so much! We are required to abide by the TQ's wording of 1 Target coupon of the same kind per guest.
So jealous of you guys that can use more than one in a transaction.
I still think I did really well though!


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