Thursday, March 21, 2013

Publix 3 Trips combined: I saved 70.07% this week!

There is no way I am going to try to break it all down because Im pooped!
 Me & DD left the house this morning at 7:25am and we are just getting home now!
Let me just start this post with...
today I "used" my first Publix digital coupon....and my last.
Only ONE of the coupons I had loaded actually came off the order.
NEVER again.
DD's un-planned purchase was an Edwards Chocolate pie...$3.99 more...then the hubby called and said to pick up milk because we were low...another $3.69 on my total.
Not a fun experience for me or my wallet on the second receipt seen above.
I wasnt a happy camper.
Note to self....turn off the phone when you go into the store from now!
Our 3 trips combined we got:
4 Sargento shredded cheese $4.19
4 Alexia bread  $3.69
8 Simply Potatos diced/shredded $2.59
4 Dannon crunchers yogurt $2.50
4 Purex 100oz detergent $6.99
2 Hellmans mayo $5.29
4 Lipton 100ct tea bags $4.29
8 Ragu pasta sauce $2.59
2 Chinet napkins 90ct $1.69
(cheaper than advertised $2.19)
2 Breakstones cottage cheese $2.59
2 Tyson mini bread bowls $5.99
4 Jennie O turkey bacon $2.99
12 Dole pineapple cans $1.79
4 Keebler Club crackers $3.69
Non BOGO's:
2 Dozen Publix large eggs $1.99 ea
6 Magnum ice cream bars $3.00ea
4 Kraft Cracker barrel cheese $3.00ea
4 Domino light 40ct $1.99 ea
1 Chobani yogurt $1.00
1 Birdseye Steamfresh Broccoli $.99 (50% off)
1 Edwards pie $3.99  (50% off)
1 gal milk $3.69

Total OOP: $70.14

Total Saved: $164.21

70.07% savings!

Plus I submitted the Chobani and Birdseye Ibotta offer and earned $.50 each!

Once again, to see what coupons I used hop on over HERE to I Heart Publix!
Thanks so much Michelle!
I did use a $5/$40 Publix coupon at each store that isnt listed in Michelle's list.



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