Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mini Binder= My not so new addiction!



Yep, I did it....I downsized from one very large 3 inch Avery Binder stuffed into the largest work tote I could find because thats all it would fit in;
to 2 Staples 1 inch Mini Binders, (1 for Foods & 1 for Non Foods).
( Check out my Organize Me Tab at the top of the blog for a pic
of that monster before I update it with these)
 I purchased everything at Staples and I will never go back to the big monster again.
These hold all my coupons ( buying 4 papers per week).
No folding the coupons to fit into those baseball card sheets, the coupon slots are roomy enough for them already! I can toss them into any Medium sized bag, in the above pic , they are in my Aeropastle' medium tote bag and as you can see, I have plenty of room for everything else, i.e. wallet, keys, cell, etc. They are only a little larger than a pen/pencil ! Love them!
 The best part of all is that I dont stick out like a sore thumb anymore,
 and with that comes no more snide remarks about "That Show!"
( ding dong the witch is dead! lol! )
They are light enough that I dont even notice the difference in the weight like my other binder and bag. Seriously, my DD weighed the monster before....26lbs....Wow!
I can get 6 sets of coupons to a sheet( back to back...see pic above)
and I still am not at capacity yet in the rings.
Did I mention.....I love them??? lol!
Do any of you guys use these too? I would love to see your pics
and hear your thoughts about them.
leave me a comment below =)


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