Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 2013: Monthly Totals! = *thud!

Its that time again!
After writing this post, I wanna faint...its the hubby's fault...
not really but still, lets blame him. hahaha!
Keep reading...and let me know who's right in this little scenario. *winks*

3/3-3/9 week: $47.04
3/10-3/16 week HERE & HERE: $209.43
3/17-3/23 week: HERE & HERE: $91.82
3/24-3/30 week: HERE $41.11

There have also been weekly, sometimes twice weekly, produce market trips and a $224.22 trip to Winn Dixie for an unplanned party/cook out we had with a herd of our friends and neighbors on 3/16 which included lots of beer/liquors/mixers etc and all the meat/poultry was frozen the meats too...add in ANOTHER $180.53 at Winn Dixie on 3/23 for another get together....ugggh...
so those items are not in the above posts on the blog, but are added into my total below.

My total OOP for the month: $866.41

My Total Savings for the month: $766.00 even

We are restocking the stockpile, and it seemed that everything we were
out of or low on has been on sale this month (heck yeah!) and then add in the
unexpected parties/cook out's we had....and what happens? guessed it...OVER BUDGET, by alot!
My hubby keeps telling me not to count the parties/cook out's OOP into my Grocery Budget total since technically it should have came out of our Entertainment Budget since we were entertaining.
I disagree, I feel like if it came from a grocery store it = Grocery you agree?

His way my total would be = $461.66....
still over budget, but not quite as bad as my way but
idk...we have been discussing this at length and we are at a stale mate I!


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